Next-Gen Robotic Controllers: What’s on the Horizon?


Author: Sebastian Bryant

Next-Gen Robotic Controllers: What’s on the Horizon?

In the ever-evolving automotive industry, we are witnessing a significant transformation in mobility. With the advancement of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), vehicles are becoming smarter, safer, and more convenient than ever before. One crucial aspect of this transformation is the development of next-generation robotic controllers, which play a pivotal role in enabling L2+ driver assistance features and automated parking assist functionality.

That’s why we are excited to share news of a strategic partnership between Horizon Robotics and Continental, two industry leaders in automotive technology. This collaboration aims to co-develop the next generation of Driving and Parking Integrated Domain Controller, known as the Gen 3.0 system. Powered by Horizon’s cutting-edge computing solution, this controller will pave the way for the acceleration of ADAS functionality in consumer vehicles, offering a safer and more convenient driving experience.

Strategic Partnership for Automated Driving Advancements

Horizon Robotics has entered into a strategic partnership with Aptiv PLC and its subsidiary Wind River to drive the development of automated driving in China. This partnership brings together the unique expertise of each company to empower and revolutionize the automotive industry in the country.

Together, Horizon Robotics, Aptiv, and Wind River will focus on developing integrated hardware and software solutions specifically tailored for civil automakers. Horizon’s Journey series computing solutions will be enhanced by Wind River’s software, which includes the VxWorks real-time operating system and the Helix Virtualization Platform. These technologies will power the next generation of software-defined vehicles, enabling advanced features such as automated driving and parking.

The initial offerings of this partnership will include smart cameras and centralized multi-domain controllers. These solutions are designed to cater to the Chinese market and provide automakers with the tools they need to deliver cutting-edge, energy-efficient computing solutions. By collaborating, Horizon Robotics, Aptiv, and Wind River aim to accelerate the development and adoption of advanced automated driving technologies, making the roads safer and more advanced for everyone.

Advancing Smart Driving Systems

Wind River, a developer of software for mission-critical intelligent systems, is proud to announce a strategic collaboration with Horizon Robotics to advance smart driving systems. Our goal is to provide OEMs with a fully integrated ADAS hardware and software system that meets the demands of the automotive industry.

This collaboration will leverage Horizon Robotics’ Journey series computing systems, known for their high-performance and cost-effective technologies, and Wind River’s cloud-to-edge portfolio. By combining our expertise, we aim to reduce time-to-market and development costs, enabling faster innovation and deployment of next-generation applications.

The resulting system will be fully optimized for automated driving, empowering OEMs to create software-defined vehicles that offer enhanced safety and performance. With this collaboration, we are excited to shape the future of smart driving systems and deliver the cutting-edge solutions that the industry demands.

Sebastian Bryant